CU CS Foundation Program

This website hosts information and files related to the University of Colorado Department of Computer Science Foundation Program (CSFP). This program aims to provide tools, materials, and systems in support of the Dept. of Computer Science core curriculum. Information related to various components of this effort is provided below.

JuypterHub Online Coding Environment

New for Spring 2019! CU CS is offering an online coding enviroment. See JuypterHub.

CS LA Program

Need help with a variety of CS course topics? Check out the CS LA Program.

Lecture Series and Topics

Need extra instruction on tools we use in the CU CS program (Linux, compilers, debuggers, etc)? Curious about CS Topics not covered in the standard CS courses? Want to brush up on your CS background knowledge? We host and record regular lectures covering these kind of topics and more. For more information, previous videos, and the current schedule, see the topics page.

Raspberry Pi Project

Interested in learning more about the Raspberry Pi Linux Microcomputer Platform? Want to play with our set of Raspberry Pis or learn what you can do with your own? Check out the RPi Project page.

Arduino Project

Interested in learning more about the Arduino Microcomputer Platform? Want to play with our set of Linux-based Arduino boards? Check out the Arduino Project page.


For content and information related to the development environment and Virtual Machine see the SDE page. This is where you download the VM. It also listes the VM Install Sessions.

Apt Repository

For information on the CU CS APT repository, see


For more information or additional assistance, please contact CSEL IT help