CU CSFP Raspberry Pi Project

The CSFP Raspberry Pi project aims to promote and support the use of the Raspberry Pi Linux Microcomputer. The Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive ($25/$35) Linux computer designed for a variety of projects. The RPi Project is made possible with the help of the College of Engineering and Applied Science via a Spring 2013 EEF mini grant.

The CU CSFP Raspberry Pi project is the sister project of the CU CSFP Arduino project. Both share similar goals, but use different hardware ecosystems.


RPi Tutorials are offered each semester and generally involve 3-4 sessions that take the student from the basics of setting up and programming the Raspberry Pi through using the RPi to implement a basic project.

Students may complete the tutorial using either one of the provided CSFP/EEF RPi kits, or by using their own RPi. If using your own RPi, please consult the equipment list below to ensure that you have all required components or equivalents.

Common tutorial topics include:

Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 Tutorial session will run from the week of April 8th, 2013 through the week of April 29th, 2013. Space in the Spring 2013 tutorial session is limited. If you are interested in attending, please sign up. Update: The Spring 2013 Course is now full. Stay tuned for future sessions.

The Spring 2013 RPi Class is broken up into two sessions: Monday Evenings and Wednesday Evenings. Students are asked to attend the session to which they were assigned after signing up. Both sessions will cover the same material, are are merely split to accommodate more students. Times, Dates, and Topics for each specific lecture are listed below. The general format of the course will be several lectures of instruction followed by an open ended project where students are encouraged to play around with the RPi and see what it can do.

Monday Evening Sessions - April 2013:

Wednesday Evening Sessions - April 2013:


The basic CSFP RPi kit consists of the following components. The kit costs about $60 (Spring 2013) for the core components, plus an additional ~$60 for the optional components. Want your on RPi? You can deck yourself out for the price of a textbook.


Want more Raspberry Pi related instructions, tutorials, and project ideas? Check out our list of resources below. If you have suggestions for additional items to include in this list, please let us know!


For more information or additional assistance, please contact CSEL IT help