CU CSFP Arduino Project

The CSFP Arduino project aims to promote and support the use of several Arduino microcomputer systems. In particular, we focus on the LinkSprite pcDuino platform and the Intel Galileo platform. These Linux/Arduino microcomputer systems are great platforms for a variety of projects. The Arduino Project is made possible with the help of donation from Colorado-based LinkSprite and Intel.

The CU CSFP Arduino project is the sister project of the CU CSFP Raspberry Pi project. Both share similar goals, but use different hardware ecosystems.


Interested in getting up and running with an Arduino system? Sign up for one of our evening courses! Details below...

Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 course will run from the week of February 25th, 2014 through the week of March 17th, 2014 on Tuesday evenings. It will focus on the pcDuino system and related accessories.

Space in the course is limited. If you are interested in attending, please sign up.
Update: This rendition of the course is now full. Stay tuned for future courses like this!

This course will include 2 sessions, one per week. Students are encouraged to attend both sessions to get the full benefit of the course. We will be running two sections of the course back-to-back to accommodate the demand for the course.

Each session will include 1 hour of instruction followed by one hour of project work. Times and dates listed below. All experience level welcome!


All equipment for the course will be provided to students on a loaner basis. The Spring 2014 course will be using the following pcDuino items (counts are per kit).


The following includes links to various pcDuino resources.


For more information or additional assistance, please contact CSEL IT help